Footsteps to develop a healthy sense of self as a separate, autonomous individual


Toddlers are stepping out of baby booties and into walking shoes. As they start their first few steps, their imaginations begin to unfold. Their curiosity gives them a great, seemingly unlimited energy and creative potential. We at Best Beginnings channel this energy toward positive and healthy growth of mind, body, and personality. We know that at this stage, toddlers want to take off in every direction of development at once and experience every sensation the world has to offer. However, to do so, they must first feel safe and secure and build a trusting relationship with caregivers.

Our program's goal is to help toddlers develop into individuals who can sustain themselves and feel good about themselves.

We provide toddlers with developmentally appropriate, challenging, and meaningful materials and equipment in a safe and nurturing environment. A variety of indoor and outdoor toys and equipment help them to develop fine and large motor skills. A wide selection of objects and manipulatives (such as stackable objects, soft throwable objects, simple knobbed puzzles, noisemakers, brightly colored stuffed toys, and response toys) support the active exploration of their senses and help them to develop eye-hand coordination, perceptual discrimination, and fine motor skills. 

In this age group, an emphasis is placed on self-concept, self-control, communication, social and self-help skills, language, and music.

We recognize that toddlers learn best:
- When they feel secure
- Through meaningful play, exploration, and observation