Jon is our first child and I stayed at home with him for over a year.  When I was offered my current job, I knew I wouldn’t be able to accept the position unless I could find a place that I trusted to take care of my son.  I must have visited every daycare within 35 miles.

My husband and I chose Best Beginnings because we wanted Jon to be in a safe, clean and happy environment.  Jon loves being at school.  His teachers and the staff create an atmosphere that is educational and nurturing.  At Best Beginnings, our son is given opportunities to grow and explore his world.

-Jessica, Jon’s Mom

-Robin, Jeremy, and Lily Grace

When we set out to find a new local daycare, we knew ourhearts had found a home for “Lily Grace” when we found Best Beginnings!  The greeting and information we received from Ms. Tina, the Director, was very friendly and very detailed.  She answered all of our questions and calmed all of our worries.

Ms. Lena, in the Cabbage Patch class, has not only been an awesome teacher for Lily, but has become a great friend.  We adore her as much as the children do.  Now Lily is moving up to the next level and she is settling in beautifully thanks to the great help of Ms. Kristy!!

Give Best Beginnings a try, you will find a special place for your child too!

My wife and I are extremely grateful for both the social and intellectual development that our son has received at Best Beginnings while we continue to further our careers.  We could never have imagined how caring and attentive every single teacher has been to all of the children in our son’s classroom.  Also, it is quite impressive to see how clean and secure their facility is kept year round.

Throughout each and every work day, it is very comforting to know that our son is in great hands at Best Beginnings.

Best Beginnings has been providing child care to our family for over five years.  Our son started the program at age one, and two and a half years later, our daughter started in the program at age four months.  I have been grateful to go to work each day confident that my children were nurtured, happy, and safe.

We have observed as our children developed special bonds with many members of the staff during our time with Best Beginnings.  When the time came last autumn, our son was well-prepared for kindergarten but was also happy to return for the Best Beginning’s summer program following his first year of “big kid school.”

-Shane Wright

-Carldine Pell


I was referred to Best Beginnings by a friend of mine that had been very pleased with his daughter's time there.  I feel my children are learning a whole lot at this school, from typical education to manners and consideration of others.

The teachers are very interactive with students and parents.  Some of the features I like best about the school is the Internet viewing, and the security door function.  I feel my children are safe and extremely cared for at Best Beginnings.