Learning and fun for primary school aged children

We at Best Beginnings recognize that finding a safe, secure, and enriching environment where their school aged children can spend time before and after school is a significant challenge for most parents. We acknowledge this by offering before and after school, school break, and summer programs.


Our fun, educational program is designed to offer a wide variety of stimulating, entertaining, and recreational activities supervised by our knowledgeable counselors. Our homework supervision/assistance is a parent's wish come true, as children will go home with completed assignments and thus have more quality time to spend with their parents. Activities planned for our school aged children promote skills like leadership, teamwork, problem solving, creativity, sportsmanship, and friendship. After a long day at school, these children need a relaxed, nurturing environment. At Best Beginnings they will be offered opportunities to build, create individual or group art projects in our Creative Expressions room, play appropriate computer games, surf appropriate internet sites for fun or homework help in our Computer Room, listen to music and stories, cuddle up with an interesting book in our Library, or participate in an extracurricular/enrichment program offered in our Creative Expressions room.


Wherever they are or whatever their interests, our counselors will be by your children's side to facilitate, guide, clarify, illustrate, help, and especially to make sure that they happily end their day at Best Beginnings without being treated like little kids!

School Age