Footsteps into wondrous possibilities



Best Beginnings' preschool welcomes older two-year-olds and three-year-olds.

Our teachers set the stage for this age group by providing many experiences that stimulate preschoolers' senses and curiosity. 

We know that children learn by doing, and that play is their work. Our teachers enrich, organize, and structure the preschoolers' environment so they have opportunities to make choices among a wide variety of activities that will stimulate their development and help them to learn to think, reason, and become decision makers.

Our teachers will help your children to develop language by speaking to them clearly and frequently, by providing many opportunities and experiences to extend their language and musical abilities, by reading books, reciting simple poems, nursery rhymes, finger plays, etc.

Our preschoolers develop problem solving skills through using materials. While enjoying repetitions, they will experience cause and effect or discover how parts relate to the whole. While one will be using her skills to build a tall structure with blocks, another child will be using his fine motor skill to string buttons into patterns.

We know that preschoolers love the creative process far more than they do the final product. We know that while visiting our Creative Expressions room, they will enjoy experimenting with a variety of media and tools and using those to express their feelings and ideas and to assert their individuality.

Best Beginnings' preschool program provides a balance between teaching academic skills and creative expression in arts, language, music, and movement. Children will spend ample time each day discovering the magic of books either in their teacher's lap, or in a cozy corner, or during story time at our library.