Footsteps onto the road of future adults


The Pre-K classrooms challenge children and teachers alike as Pre-K is the critical year of transition from preschool to Kindergarten. Pre-K children eagerly pursue and absorb experiences that feed their insatiable curiosity about the subtleties and complexities of their environment. Their vastly improved attention spans and memory capacities enable them to accurately relate current activities to past experiences, and their imagination and creativity permit them to practice various roles and routines that they enthusiastically anticipate in the future.

For some of these children, this will be their last year in a preschool environment as they will graduate and then begin Kindergarten. This rewarding year is the foundation for later years of learning. Our teachers and curriculum will assure that your child has developed his or her cognitive, intellectual, emotional, social, fine motor and gross motor skills to the best of his or her ability. Our program will ensure that your child transitions from Pre-K to Kindergarten with confidence, enthusiasm, and a strong foundation for later learning. With this in mind, our Pre-K classrooms are designed to develop the skills the children will need to enter Kindergarten.

Our curriculum for this age group provides a comprehensive approach, but we emphasize these particular areas:

- Language and literacy skills
- Listening skills
- Pre-writing
- Child-dictated writing
- Science
- Math
- Social studies
- Art and creative expressions
- Music and movement
- Foreign language
- Computer literacy and use of technology
- Physical education and large motor development
- Proper table manners and etiquette