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St. Patricks Day STEAM Challenge

Holidays & STEAM

There is fun to be had during every holiday, but we have a secret- The children think that they are just playing and celebrating, but they are really learning.

We sent out a STEAM (*see definition below) challenge to the families in our program. The challenge was to build a leprechaun trap and be prepared to demonstrate how the trap would work. The children were encouraged to think about different items that leprechauns might like or dislike and then discuss what and how they would create their traps. The instructions were open ended. This meant that the children and their families had the freedom to use whatever materials they wanted to create the leprechaun traps. As you see by the pictures; we have some creative future engineers!

The children were excited to show off and demonstrate their creations in front of peers and other teachers. The leprechaun traps were set up in different areas of the schools in an attempt to catch the pesky leprechaun! It turns out that he is too tricky and was able to escape All of the traps.

Until next year Mr. Leprechaun!

*STEAM: Engage students with this successful approach to integrated studies that combines science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. ... Using project-based learning in science, technology, engineering, art, and math classes is a way to solve problems in real-world contexts.

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