"Human infants come into the world with a well-organized capacity for adapting to their environment. Much of this capacity is attributable to our unique central nervous system. But the unfolding of the developing brain is not inevitable. It depends on a fostering environment, one that is reasonably stable while at the same time stimulating, responsive, protective, and loving. When nurturing conditions are absent, the baby becomes apathetic and loses weight. Pediatricians refer to this as failure to thrive. This condition is easy to recognize, but the extreme forms of environmental deficiency can have negative effects that may go unnoticed but that may nevertheless threaten the child's future" (the Carnegie Corporation task force on Meeting the Needs of Young Children 1994).


With these scientific facts and research on the infant brain in mind, our nursery at Best Beginnings provides infants with a nurturing, loving, and comforting environment. We know that this is the age in which infants learn through their senses, by moving around or through social interaction. We know that a healthy early development depends on a nurturing and dependable relationship with caregivers to develop a sense of security. "Secure attachments foster competency in language, cognitive, social, and emotional development" (Lieberman, 1977).


We understand that caring for infants takes more than a love for babies. It takes special people with skills and knowledge who are committed to sustaining a caring and consistent relationship with babies and their families. Parents are encouraged to call or drop by to spend time with their babies, breastfeed, or share ideas, questions, or concerns.


Your infant will be nurtured by an unparalleled level of attentive and loving care as well as by the setting, lighting, decor, and soothing music in the room. Our clean and safe classrooms allow teachers to use even routine care tasks for social contact and communication with your infant. Your infant will be cared for by highly trained and experienced caregivers who provide the warm, nurturing attention so essential for infant development; caregivers who will read, talk, and sing to your baby and love and cuddle your baby as you would at home. 


The classroom contains educational toys and equipment to foster infants' sensory, cognitive, and language development and gross and fine motor skills.


We know that this is an important stage of your child's life. This is when your child takes the first step to build loving and trusting relationships. We desire to take that first step with you and your infant!